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Tailor-Made In-Company Courses

Accident Investigations

This course enables delegates to carry out effective accident investigations following injury accidents, damage only accidents and near misses to comply with their responsibilities under health and safety legislation. Delegates gain knowledge of applicable legislation including the process of reporting accidents and compiling statistics.

Health and Safety Inspections

This course allows delegates to plan and carry out effective workplace inspections and gives them an understanding of applicable legislation.

The programme contains a mixture of theory and practical exercises with delegates carrying out a workplace inspection.

Stress Awareness

The objectives of this course are to help define, identify and manage stress.
Also highlighting ways and techniques to combat stress and to plan for healthier and safer lifestyles.

Dealing with Violence and Aggression at Work

This course gives delegates the skills to identify signs of violence and aggression and also explores why people can be violent or aggressive at work.

With the aid of dvd,s and role play it gives delegates practical solutions on defusing potentially violent situations.

General Construction Safety

This course is designed for managers or supervisors with a responsibility for overseeing construction and maintenance work and for those acting as clients under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. The course provides a general overview of safety requirements in construction including The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.

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